The Light, The Dark & The Event


Light Grid & Forces 

  • It is not enough to expose whats going on, people aren't responding to facts because they're tired, there's not enough positive free flowing energy in our reality to support true liberation. For those truthers that exclude this half of the equation it brings about certain holes in many peoples perception that leads to infighting, false ideas and baseless fears because they're  only aware the next cabal activity/agenda and exclude the ultimate end goal (The Event) along with the light factions working towards that goal.So they get lost in the endless discussions of all the happenings with no future foresight or light to balance the situation, its not about hopium or giving powers to saviors its about having a full spectrum understanding of the situation on all relevant levels.


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Matrix & Cabal 

  • This was created to prevent Ascension asn the cabal are the maintainers of the matrix , therefore the liberation aka The Event comes first and is the ultimate end goal/future-based cause of all peoples truther based efforts and light work.
  • 2 Key Dynamos' of the Matrix is suppression of ET truth & Children.
  • This world is one giant crime scene from the "conspiracy" front, and a real investigation needs the 5 W's, with the WHO being the MOST IMPORTANT because you can figure out all the other W's but without the culprit they can create another what-when-where etc therefore most time should be spent exposing the utmost core members of the cabal as the most obvious logical strategy possible that will actually bear results, if everyone knew about the Orisini,Pallavicini,Torlonia,Massimo,Colonna,Aldobrandin etc as much as people know Rothschilds, Rockefellers,Freemasons and Soros,as examples -then this planet would be much frther in the liberation process- so take this advice and adjust your strategy unless you want to end up like this guy.

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A review of the Darkness cleared over the years :

The Event ( The Planetary Liberation )



> The following Event Principles once understood makes you far more informed than most anyone you'll ever listen to  thus allowing you to actually be prepared and plan accordingly in your strategy/efforts to contribute to making this happen sooner and smoother :
  • You cannot arrest the cabal without cutting them from their financial resources this is why the +Reset was always planned to be one in the same operation and it will be planetary and they all need to be gathered at once.
  • This arrest/reset must and will be a surprise in order to prevent the cabal from counter-plans, therefore ignore the claims of dates it will not be posted before it happens no matter who or how many people beg/swear to you its going to go any other way, same with the other points made on this post.
  • You cannot reset the system with the cabal still present because they will re-infiltrate the System again, ultimately their reset version is simply a desperate attempt to take control before their inevitable arrest hoping to consolidate as much power as possible before then, they will not succeed and even if they do if wont stop the arrest plan and will only accelerate its timing.
  • The reason for a new positive financial system at all is because it will take time to mass produce then deliver worldwide the various advanced technologies the cabal is currently stifling.In the meantime as that begins (post event) humanity will be going through educative learning curve of the reality of all this.Something familiar will be needed in society during this sensitive period of newness for the masses hence the new fair gold backed system ran by the light forces beyond human factions that will need healing too and could potentially themselves fall into greed/distortions themselves just in case.The countries that need it most will get them first.Anywhere from a few months to a year is the expected time for the globe have access to replicators,free energy,medbeds etc, resolving the need all together for a financial system.
  • The concept of partial disclosure is of course the current reality as long as they have control over the media and remain in power, that is common sense. What is also common sense is once the arrest begins that includes the cabal in the media so Full Disclosure is apart of the same operation, who is going to do a partial disclosure if the cabal is in jail?..Every piece of disclosure we get is due to the light forces squeezing what they can in the mean time into public domain, since the cabal is present yes they use their various tactics,keep in  mind if it was up to the cabal they would never let this out just to use their own efforts/energy to try and muddy the waters-this is proof that disclosures finally coming out/snowballing because it is light originated and a refection of the cabal losing power, therefore you need to shift your perceptive on how things have and will continue to play out,so many awakened people with followers have had a false understanding of the nature of the liberation process and are operated out of a incorrect paradigm for many many years which prolongs the process and lacks an effective strategy on utilizing the releases of information.
  • Many people who have no idea what the Event is, utter silly statements like it already happened to them....How did the planetary liberation happen to one person in the past?
  • Once the cabal is really removed you would have to be Hellen Keller to have no idea it happened, therefore no matter where or who you are the liberation will be extremely evident, it is not a splitting of earths or timelines humanity and earth are one--its 1 caterpillar going into 1 cocoon turning into 1 butterfly, don't forget all this-you'd be surprised...
  • NOTHING drastic that will change the state of affairs of the matrix will be released into the public until the maintainers of this matrix are gone...that means no prosperity funds, no med beds no massive contact etc will happen until the Event, this has always been the case regardless of the fact you are just realizing this.The Cabal would never allow this to happen until they lose enough power and are cleared, people are too focused on shallow matrix subjects and haven't figured out what the real obstacles are that need our attention-obstacles that are the leverage keeping them afloat, you are not over the target otherwise we wouldn't still be here having this conversation, research more into the bigger picture with the link given at the top of this article would be a good start.
  • Some people say things like there will be no event that happens outside of you which is silly because those same people believe in the mass arrests and full disclosure/release of intel....people are confused again why it is recommended to review this post many times until these principles sink in.