Toplet Bombs - Prevent The EVENT

 The remaining Toplet Bombs 

( the single most major factor preventing the Event 

Arrests  ,   Re$et   ,  Full Disclosure   & the Galactic Goddess Pulse  } )




are in a Quantum Superposition state


within our Implants :

  • " retaliation mechanisms is the background meta-strategy of the Chimera which maintains quarantine Earth status and still prevents the Event, Disclosure and First Contact. "




They are powered / protected by Quantum Fluctuations / Primary Anomaly ( Source of Duality / Suffering ) :





" They are the real reason for current impasse between the Light and the dark forces, and are assuring mutually assured destruction (MAD), a certain form of Nash equilibrium:
When those toplet bombs are removed, the breakthrough can happen. " -      






Top quarks can eat ordinary matter even more efficiently than strange quarks and are far more dangerous than strange quarks:



" ATLAS finds evidence of spectacular four-top quark production"  -


" The first evidence of top quark production in nucleus-nucleus collisions " -





Keep in mind the chimera created these bombs , chimera have been around for millions of years , humanity "discovered" top quarks only recently in our history imagine what chimera have known & done .

"The main problem now remaining is the Chimera with their advanced exotic military technologies, especially quantum superposition toplet bombs."





" Chimera beings were once highly evolved angelic beings who chose to subject themselves to controlled toplet bombs explosion experiments long time ago in the galactic past. 


  In this show the character achieves "ultra" instinct , an ultimate state of the "angels"

This, and numerous genetic experiments has mutated them into spider beings of unimaginable darkness:

Soon, they will all be finally dealt with. " 




What will the bomb do ?

 Antman(Marvel) 2015 - 



The Endgame of Avengers was related to the Quantum Realm , Dates Are Important 

( Cobra "Proof " ) :

March 16, 2020

Until all toplet bombs are removed, the Event can not happen, but a scenario similar to Delta Option is possible:

This is one of the very obviously important reasons we all need to take the original redpill (as his unique source , The Resistance Movement, inspired the Matrix Series & his blog began exactly 13 years after the 1st matrix movie- their are 13 emanations of the source, cabal simply inverts that particular truth )  & start taking cobra seriously:

Why? Because everyone in the "awakened community " who portray they know so much are still unaware of that which prevents everything they are working for , why do you think things are taking so long?
 The Galactic Confederation is telling us exactly how to create the optimal timelime by giving us what they deem is critical intel for the groundcrew to have in order to make the best choices & also not to spend years taking about things that are already cleared or was never the main block .Many cant read cobra b/c they cannot handle the spiritual warfare that kicks up the moment you hear "Cobra" or read a quote from him or look at his site , often when sharing cobra the so called awakened people start to show just how much of their human perception is still intact , how much  they are still nuts & bolts / "diet woke" . If you dont know Cobra you dont know whats going on , period. Corey Goodes audience has the best shot at comprehending the bigger picture which corey cant provide on his own , so I suggest all those people who already know his whole testimony start expanding their horizons & continue growing / learning b/c its only just begun .

Cobra relays undistorted beyond the veil intel onto his blog
 (" The Intel Hub for The Victory of The Light " ) 
we wont liberate earth
( or it will be much more difficult & longer)
 until David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Michael Salla , Edge of Wonder , Eceti , etc 
open to new intel , the law of one is decades old we need live intel as well to create the optimal timeline, there is one more cosmic insider, is that so hard a step to take?

Quality over Quantity . 
Prioritize .


It makes total sense & is fair that maybe some wish not to comment on Cobra as they are not too aware of the intel & thats completely understandable ,but now you have the opportunity to take the real redpill , this is the key to unity in the community :

This tool was created to assist in that process ,


 " Positive Military and the Red and Blue Dragons are conducting operations behind the scenes to prepare for the Event. However, they are not yet completely connected to reliable extraterrestrial intel sources, so therefore their understanding of the extent of Draco/Chimera control of the planet (especially on the non-physical planes) is limited, and their intel sometimes not completely reliable. One such example would be the plan for mass arrests in April 2020 by the Positive Military. " - MAY 2020


April 4, 2019

Soul Families Workshop Report and Planetary Situation Update

" Less than 24 hours after the workshop, this article about quarantine Earth has been published “by coincidence” in the Forbes magazine:

Put it simply, our workshop has created a huge crack in the Matrix and the Archons have gone crazy in the weeks after, attacking key people mercilessly.

Many of those attacks have been orchestrated using directed energy weapons and negative social engineering:

Meanwhile, dark occult mind programming practices of the Cabal are being exposed and people are fighting against them:

Sources connected to the Cosmic Central Race have communicated that the feeling of deep despair that pervades the surface of the planet is actually an AI distress signal, emitted by the Cabal, because after our meditation on January 21st  ( 2019 ) their mathematical future forecast models are predicting their defeat with 100% certainty. Therefore they are generating an SOS call to all remaining darkness of the Universe to come and help them against the inevitable defeat. As no dark reinforcements are arriving to planet Earth from beyond our Solar System, the feeling of utter dread and panic has begun to propagate from top Cabal handlers such as Chimera and Black Nobility families down to Cabal middlemen and minions as they being to realize that their plans are not coming to fruition.

Their defeat is coming and with their defeat come many changes, and this is the reason for this dream:



Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Hold the Light

" Toplet Bombs inside implants have not been cleared yet, and they are still the main factor preventing the Event :

One commenter on my blog has explained the situation very clearly :

The next two months are a key time in human history and we need to hold the Light. Every person counts.

Victory of the Light! " 




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